Rifle Seminar: 07-09-17


The world is changing, violence is growing, threats are escalating . . . are you prepared? When you can’t run and you can’t hide, and you have to fight, do you know what to do? Learn tactics against rifles, shotguns & assault rifles that could save your life and the lives of those around you from one of the most battle tested systems in the world today. $30/person, training weapons provided.

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Women’s Self Protection Seminar: 06-25-17


All Self-Protection tactics adhere to the same core principles and concepts, but the reality is that their are specific threats that woman will face that men will not. This event is just for women, and will cover the most common threats that women can face. It will cover everything from awareness, to both offensive (proactive) & defensive (reactive) tactics, as well as their application. Bring a towel and water. $20/person

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Weapons Defense 101: 04-02-17

weapons defense 101

The Mango Tree is partnering with HKM to bring you this introductory “Weapon’s Defense 101” seminar Defending against Impact, Bladed & Ballistic Weapons. Learn the fundamental guiding principles, tactics & the underlining relationship between weapon’s defense.

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Firearms Familiarization Seminar 03-23-17


This firearm familiarization class is designed with Krav Maga students in mind, offering “hands-on” familiarization with actual firearms to provide a better understanding of the functionality of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. $15, current students only.

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Halloween Fight Club 10-31-16


Join us for a wild night of HKM Fight Club on Halloween! Be prepared for laser light shows, smoke machines, horror music, and more Рfor the ultimate stress test of your skills. Current students only, please!

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