Topic of the Week: Being an American


(let me preface this before anyone decides to get butt hurt over this. What you believe is your right, I’m not here to say you are wrong and I am right, but given the climate in today’s world and everything that has, is and will happen,  this is a very eerily relevant and an eye […]

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Topic Of The Week – Suggested Readings


Personal Protection goes beyond the physical skills. Preparing the mind and emotions for the realities of a violent attack are paramount before any physical techniques can even be effectively applied.  Learning what makes you a potential target, to even the cues that a potential attacker will display prior to the actual attack are crucial to […]

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What Would You Do If You Were Attacked?


Learn “REAL” World Skills that can be applied in “REAL” World scenarios with the World’s MOST Battle-tested Personal Protection System  . . . KRAV MAGA! VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER, BUT WHEN IT IS . . . IT’S THE ONLY ANSWER! *stay connected with Hawaii Krav Maga @

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What Is Krav Maga?


What is Krav Maga? In it’s simplest form,  Krav Maga utilizes specific skill sets, based on proven principles and concepts, to handle any attack you may face . . . and go home safe. It prepares you both physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with the realities of a violent attack.  Attacks are quick, violent, […]

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