Fitness Expert Erica Edrada

Erica Edrada     |     (808) 227-5516

Nutritional Lifestyle Consultant  · NASM Certified Personal Trainer · B.A. Food Science & Human Nutrition
Aloha, I’m Coach Erica and I currently help people achieve their fitness goals by developing life-changing nutritional modification programs. By establishing food intake schedules to boost metabolism, and helping them understand balancing macronutrients throughout the day, I am able to guide my clients in the proper direction. People are overwhelmed with the amount of information, in regards to what’s “good” or “bad” for you. It’s always changing, ultimately leading to frustration chasing the next fad. My mission is to help people obtain the frame of mind that food is medicine. Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase athletic performance, or just simply stay off medication, it can all be achieved with the right plan. If you have any questions, or want to chat about getting a plan for your Fitness & Nutritional goals, contact me via email or text me. I am here to help.


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